Cockermouth & District
Agricultural Show 2020

All Trade Stand Exhibitors are required to complete the form here.


All Trade Stand Exhibitors are required to complete the form overleaf.

Using the guidelines shown below please consider what risks there are to those building up Trade Stands and to members of the public during the show.  Outline the steps you propose to take to minimise those risks in the table overleaf.  Please copy this page if more space is required.

If in your opinion there are no risks please print NO RISKS and return the form.

Hazard Who Might be harmed Is more needed to control the risk
 only for hazards which you could reasonably expect to result in significant harm under the conditions in your workplace.  Use the following examples as a guide. There is no need to list individuals by name – just think about groups of people doing similar work of who may be affected, e.g. For the hazards listed, do the precautions already taken

Falling/tripping hazards

Chemicals (e.g battery acid)

Moving parts of machinery

(e.g Blades)

Work at height (e.g. from

mezzanine floors)

Pressure systems

Vehicles (e.g. fork-lift trucks)


Dust (e.g. from grinding)

Fumes (e.g. from vehicle engines)

Manual handling


Livestock on stand

Lifting operation

Office Staff

Maintenance Personnel


People sharing your work place



Members of the public


Pay particular attention to:-

Staff with disabilities


Inexperienced staff

Lone workers – they may be more vulnerable.

*        Meet the standards set by a legal requirement?


*        Comply with a recognised industry standard?


*        Represent good practice?


*        Represent risk as far as reasonably practicable?


Have you provided:

*        Adequate information, instruction or training?


*        Adequate systems or procedures?


If so, then the risks are adequately controlled, but you need to indicate the precautions you have in place.


Where the risk is not adequately controlled, indicate what more you need to do (the‘action list’).

Fire hazard e.g. combustible materials (rubbish, flammable substances, LPG etc) and ignition sources (flames, smoking etc) As above. *        Means of escape; fire detection and alarms.  Fire fighting equipment and fire evacuation plan.