Cockermouth Agricultural Show Society Ltd
Show at The Fitz, Low Road, Cockermouth

Mrs N E Boyes,
Middle Gill Farm
CA28 6PP

 February 2020

 Dear Exhibitor

Cockermouth Show 1 August 2020   – Trade Stands

I have pleasure in attaching hereto your application form for an exhibition/ trade stand at this year’s show on Saturday 4 August 2018.

I am pleased to inform you that we have made no increase to our charges this year.

Your Attention is drawn to the following.
·        Health and Safety legislation now requires the Society to INSIST that ALL exhibitors comply with the following:

Complete a risk assessment form at the time of booking. This MUST be returned with your booking, otherwise we cannot offer you a site.

Ensure that no vehicles are moved on or off stands on show day between 0900  And 1700.

Thank you for supporting Cockermouth Show.

Please also note you must comply with following:-



Rules & Regulations

1) All applications must be submitted on the appropriate entry form, and that application form & risk assessment form must be signed by the exhibitor or


2) His/Her representative, and the signature on the forms shall be deemed to be the acceptance by the Exhibitor of these rules and regulations and his /her agreement to be bound thereby.

3) All exhibitors, their contractors and employees, while on the showground, shall be subjected to the rules and regulations of the society, as interpreted by the society, and the stewards and officials appointed by them.

4) All trade stand vehicles should be in situ by 9.00 on morning of show. All vehicles should be clear of public areas by 9.00a m

5) Passes. Up to 12ft.    1 passes issued. Then 1 pass for every 12ft of extra space booked maximum of 10. Valid until 14.00.hrs

6) Trading Standards. The stewards & officials shall have the power to remove from the show ground, any Exhibitor or itinerant vendor whose articles are not in accordance with the description given on the application form or the standards that shall be determined by the stewards & officials.

7) Withdrawal or cancellation of space reserved. Where an exhibitor withdraws from the show or cancels the space reserved for him/her for any reason, all fees due shall be forfeited and the society reserves the right to re-let the space.

8) Allocation of sites. The allocation of sites and positioning of trade stand space will be entirely at the discretion of the society, although every endeavour will be made to meet any request made by an exhibitor regarding the position of his/her stand.
A) Exhibitors booking open space must apply and pay for sufficient space for all stays & guy ropes for any building, tent or caravan erected on the space.
B) Boundaries of sites will be marked and in no circumstances will exhibitors be allowed to occupy a larger space than that allocated to them.
C) The Exhibitor will be allocated a site by the society and it will be a condition of the society’s acceptance of the exhibitor application for a site that the exhibitor will take and except the site allocated irrespective of its condition.
D) The Exhibitor will be responsible for all damage to the site by him/her, his/her servants or agents, and hereby undertakes to make good any such damage.


9) Electrical equipment. It is the responsibility of the exhibiters to ensure that his/her equipment is suitable, compatible and complies with all electoral regulations. Appropriate circuit breakers fitted in accordance with current Health & Safety guidelines.

10) Times of opening. All trade stands must be open & manned throughout the time the show is open to the public.

11) Fire protection.
A) It will be the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that adequate fire precautions are provided, particularly in the case where any heating or other similar appliance is used.
B) The society reserves the right to make further rules & regulations in respect of fire precautions, if and when necessary.

12) The rules off the society are that no raffles or drawing tickets can be sold
 On the show field, other than those organised by the society.

13) Noise. Exhibitors must not use any loudspeaker apparatus, noisy engines or any other offensive practices to cause annoyance to adjoining exhibitors.
Spitting is expressly forbidden.

14) Responsibility of exhibitors. The exhibitor will indemnify the society in respect of all actions, causes, claims, losses, proceedings or costs incurred claimed or arising out of the use by the exhibitor of the showground or by his/her agents, contractors, employees, licensees or other persons being present at his/her request or with his/her concurrence for the purposes of the Show and the Exhibitor shall similarly be liable for all plant equipment vehicles, stands, articles, animals, livestock goods or other things of whatever kind or nature brought on to the Showground for whatever purposes the Exhibitor shall be liable similarly for any matter arising out of the exhibition handling or housing     of such exhibits and the conduct of the exhibitor’s stand generally.  Acceptance of this foregoing provision and the foregoing provisions generally shall be a condition precedent of entry.

15) Non –Compliance with regulations. The stewards and/or officials shall have the power (whether exercised unreasonably or not) to order the removal forthwith of any plant, machinery, vehicle. Equipment, goods or any other thing of whatever kind or nature either static or vehicular exhibited or brought on to the showground for whatever purposes or to order the stand of any exhibitor to be closed forthwith if such exhibitor does not or has not complied with any of these rules or regulations or the direction of the stewards and/or officials or any other requirement properly to be observed by any exhibitor his/her employees, contractors, licensees or other persons being present at his/her requestor with his/her concurrence for the purposes of the show such requirements to include those of the General Law the Bylaws or any other requirements and the stewards and/ or officials shall have in ant circumstances the right to expel forthwith any exhibitor or any persons associated with him/her who has in anyway infringed the rules and the regulations including the immediately foregoing provisions.

16) H S E Regulations.  Exhibitors are reminded to ensure they are fully conversant with and comply with all current health & Safety regulations, particularly with respect to equipment & public safety.  The Risk Assessment form provided with the application for entry to the show MUST be completed and signed by the exhibitor.

17) Cancellation of show. The society reserves the right to cancel at any time for any reason the Cockermouth Agricultural Show held annually by the society, subject to the Society’s Secretary giving at least 24 Hours notice of cancellation to the exhibitor or trade stand holder except in the case of the cancellation being due to fire, flooding, civil commotion, Act of God or riot, in which case notice
Given verbally or otherwise, by the society’s secretary shall be deemed sufficient. If the society decides to cancel the Show, the Exhibitor or trade stand holder will be repaid his/her entry fee, and the Society will not be responsible for any financial, trading or other loss of whatever kind incurred by the exhibitor or trade stand holder.

18) Exhibitors must clear their sites ASAP. The society will not be held responsible for any damage caused to any items.