2016 Results





1st - David Trickett from Gamblesby 1935 Austin 7 Ruby mk1

2nd - Peter Hewitson from Cockermouth 1932 Austin 10 HPS Saloon

3rd - Thomas Gibson from Workington 1937 Morris 8



1st Bill Allan from Wigton with a Pike & Maker Loader

2nd - Bus collection

3rd - Bruce Mumford with a Collection of boats


Large Stationary Engines

1st - J N foster from Carlisle 1923 Blackstone J

2nd - Josh Harrop from Workington Ruston Hornsby PBS

3rd - Michael Stewart from Workington 1950 Stuart Torner



1st - D Banks Waverton, 1963 Allis Chalmers ED40 Diesel

2nd - Tyson Garnett Cleator 1964 Massey Ferguson

3rd- George Simpson Wigton, 1968 John Deere 1120



1st - Dave Brown Carlisle, 1980 Honda CX500

2nd - Charlie Brown Dearham, 1959 BSA 500 Goldstar

3rd - Alan Coupland Carlisle, 1955 Sunbeam S7 Deluxe



1st - David Roper Workington, 1984 Dodge 50

2nd - John Burrow Workington, 1961 Bristol Lodekka

3rd - Alistair Grey Seaton, 1979 Leyland National MK 1


Small Stationary Engines = 1st - D & M Coid Frizington, 1950 Lister D

2nd - J & B Nugent Carlisle, Wolsely WD2

3rd - Stephen Moore Whitehaven 1960 Suffolk Colt


Overall winner was David Roper Workington, with his 1984 Dodge 50



All other categories



Unreserved heifer, heifer in milk, senior cow, in milk, to have calved three times or more, champion, best home bred animal, three British Holstein Fresian cattle, best female, best pair of females: G and M Rudd. Reserve champion, reserve best home bred animal: M/s Mattinson.

Junior dairy special competition

Heifer under 12 months old to be shown by 16-year-old and under: Jay Raven. Seventeen to 26 years, best animal: A Bowness.


Heifer in calf, unreserved heifer, reserve champion: M/s Armstrong. Cow, in calf, cow in milk, champion: D and C Sanderson. Heifer in milk: M/s Mattinson.


Heifer in calf: Bowness Farms Ltd. Cow in calf, cow in milk, unreserved heifer, reserve champion: Jay Raven. Heifer in milk, best pair of females, champion: K Jenkinson.

Interbreed. Champion: G and M Rudd. Reserve: D and C Sanderson.


Cow, heifer in calf or milk, heifer unreserved, bull, champion: DA and SM Miller.


Heifer in calf or milk: S Wilson. Heifer unreserved, bull, special prize, champion, reserve champion: M/s Jenkinson.

British blondes.

Cow, champion: S Mitchell.

Any other British beef breed:

Heifer, unreserved, bull, champion: A Mitchell.

British blue

Heifer, unreserved, bulll, champion: R Pattinson.

Commercial beef championship

Under 15 months, male and female, over 15 months, female, champion: N Slack.

Over 15 months, male: Barker and Johnstone.

Pedigree beef best handler: Isla Souter.

Cumbrian young handler: Sophie Pinguey.

Pedigree beef best animal.

Best pair, champion: M/s Jenkinson.


One sheep, accredted male, female: JW Wales. One sheep, non-accredited male, champion: AJ Brown. One sheep, non-accredited female: D Harrison.

Cumbrian young handler of the year

Under-10, champion: Isla Goldie. 11-16: R Hewitt.

North of England mules

Three, three mule gimmer shearlings, to have raised lambs this season: : BW Hewitson. Three mule gimmer shearlings: W Skelton. Three north of England mule gimmer lambs, one north of England mule gimmer lamb, three Three mule gimmer lambs within 15 miles of showfield, champion: A and K Nicholson.

Crossing type bluefaced Leicesters

Ram, ram lamb, ewe or gimmer shearling, gimmer lamb, chapion: PL and J Dawson.

Cross bred sheep

Three continental: A Kikrbride. Three prime lambs, champion: AJ Brown. Three prime lambs: D Harrison.


Aged ram, one ewe, to show milk, gimmer lamb, group of females, group of rams : D and J Wilson. Three-year-old ram, shearling ram: J and D Richardson. Ram lamb, gimmer shearling, two-shear gimmer, champion: BL and T Stagg.


Aged ram, ram lamb, gimmer shearling, champion: GA and DE Slack. Ewe, to show milk, two shear gimmer, shearling, gimmer lamb, ram: W Gill.

Bluefaced Leicesters

Aged ram, gimmer lamb, group of three: SE Hill. Shearling ram, ram lamb, champion: A Clark. Ewe: S Nelson. Gimmer shearling: DJ Hall.

Any other native breed/rare breed

Aged ram: Stuart Mounsey. Shearling ram, ewe, champion: E Hetherington. Gimmer shearling, ram lamb: R Hewitt. Gimmer lamb: R Stott.

Any other continental, non-accredited

Aged ram, shearling ream: AJ Brown. Ram lamb: T Walker. Ewe, champion: J Hird. Gimmer shearling: M/s Hunter. Gimmer lamb: D Harrison.

Suffolk sheep

Aged ram: C Kelly. Shearling ram: I Graham. Ram lamb: C Kelly. Ewe, gimmer shearling, gimmer lamb, champion: I Graham.


Aged ram, gimmer lamb: R Wilson. Shearling ram, ram lamb, gimmer shearling, champion: G Wilkinson. Ewe: D Jarman. Special prize: R and E Campbell.


Aged ram, shearling ram, champion: HC Jewitt. Ram lamb: B Teasdale. Gimmer shearling, gimmer lamb: AE Storey.


Aged ram, ram lamb, gimmer shearling, champion: D and J Norman. Shearling ram, ewe: JJ Wales. Gimmer lamb: DJ and A Trafford.

Any other continental

Shearling ram, ram lamb, gimer lamb: B Teasdale. Ewe, champion: M/s Cockbain. Gimmer shearling: T and I Goldie.


Most handsome dog: S Roper. Most handsome bitch, champion: I Robson.


Entered dog, champion: Marksman, Eskdale. Entered bitch: Eskdale Starlight. Unentered puppy dog: Melbreak Drummer. Unentered puppy bitch: Melbreak Damsel.


Dog, bitch: S Robertson. Dog and bitch under one year, champion: T Robertson.

Jack Russell terriers

Dog, champion: S Robertson. Bitch: T Robertson. Dog and bitch under one year: G Norman.

Border terriers

Dog, champion: A Johnston. Bitch, dog and bitch under one year: Pearson Towers.

Terrier racing: D Pearson.


Milking goat, white, coloured, goatling, coloured, female kid, black, champion: L Norman.

Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling

Under-12: Danny Dryden. Ladies: Gemma Coulthard. Under-15: Harry Wilson. 11-and-a-half-stones: Jack Brown. Under-18: Thomas Gibson. 13 stones: Jack Brown. All weights: Richard Wilson.

Trade stand competition

Best trade stand on the field, best small trade stand: Sheila Wilson. Best presented trade stand: Paul Chuter.

Industrial section

Bread and cakes

Tea bread: L Meadley. White loaf,swiss roll: K Rowson.Two brown rolls, bacon and egg pie on a saucer: V Meadley. Four fruit scones, four cheese scones, plate cake, savoury flan, four sausage rolls: H Nixon. Three items for afternoon tea on a template, gingerbread, flapjack: S Irving. Lemon drizzle cake, currant cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, dark fruit cake, four butterfly buns, three ginger biscuits, four raspberry buns: R Fell. Lunch loaf: E Marrs. Four shortbread biscuits: DE Marrs. Victoria sandwich cake: S Marrs. Four plain scones: E Holme.


Summer drink: S Irving. Homemade liqueur: M Grainger. Jellied beetroot: E Marrs. Rum butter: E Graham. Lemon cheese: I Sessford. Raspberry jam: E Maddison. Marmalade: K Ridley. Scotch egg, individual starter: K Rowson. Chutney: A Hewitson. Fruit salad: H Nixon. Truffles: C Pickthall. Hen eggs: M Palmer.

Children's section

Sporting event on a biscuit tin lid: Matthew Marrs. Handwriting, six and under: Mollie Hewitson. 7-9: Beth Martin. 10-11: Sarah Batty. Limerick: BRuce Hickson. Jam jar of garden flowers: Ruth Walker. Healthy open sandwich: Emily Irving. Poster: Henry Stephenson. Model made from waste material: Alice Hickson. Handmade card, seven and under: Gracie Hewitson. 8 and over: Abigail Marrs. Deocrated child's wellington, Gingerbread man: Eve Walker. Coloured pencil drawing: Emily Irving. Model made from marshmallows: Becka Marrs. Gift wrapped parcel: Charlotte Hewitson. Creature made from fruit and vegetables: Harrison Dougherty-Graves. Money box: Grace Horston. . Two cup cakes: Henry Stephenson. A snapshot: Jaden Jackson.

Flowers and plants

Three roses: S Marrs. One specimen rose: DE Marrs. Mixed herbs, foliage plant, mixed garden flowers and shrubs : D Hodgson. Flowering plant pot: P Harper. Sweet peas: S Irving.

Floral art

Bowl of floating flowers, candlestick arrangement: C Pearson. Arrangement in coffee cup and saucer: J Musgrave. Celebration arrangement: L Connolly. Shades of green: E Roper.


Embroidered article: K Johnston. Cross stitch: E McFadzean. Beadwork: B Wilson. Tapestry or petit point picture: R Lawson. Hand-knitted garment, cushion, pin cushion: E Roper. Knitted garment for a baby: E Graham. Handmade bag: F Ashford. Article in any other craft: J Walker. Brithday gift: K Johnston. Stuffed toy: J Eilbeck. Decorated bottle: C Cass.

Miscellaneous and snapshots

Doorstop: M Palmer. Thimble, candlestick: M Brown. Cake slice: Susan Cameron. Snapshot - on the farm, snapshot - with a caption: J Bainbridge.

Special prizes

Most points. Industrial, bread and classes one to 84: R Fell. Children's: Henry Stephenson. Produce: K Rowson. Floral art: C Pearson. Handicraft: E Roper, J Walker. Industrial runner-up: H Nixon. Floral art runner-up: J Musgrave. Best exhibit. Flowers, plants, floral art: D Hodgson. Handicrafts: J Walker. Children's section: Eve Walker. Photo: J Bainbridge.


Riding gelding or mare, exceeding 14.2hh but not 15.2hh: A Humphreys. Riding gelding or mare, exceeding 15.2hh: C Light and D Hogg. Hunter gelding or mare, exceeding 14d.2hh but not 15.2hh: C Harrington. Hunter gelding or mare, exceeding 15.2hh: E Naylor. Champion ridden horse: C Harrington. Coloured animal, gelding or mare. Exceeding 14.2hh: N Foster. 14.2hh and under: B Mackenzie and A Noble. Champion: N Foster. Moorland open lead rein. Under nine: L McSherry. Moorland open first ridden. Under 12: E Benson. Champion mini heritage pony L McSherry. Moorland open ridden mixed breeds: N Guy. Best show pony, mare or gelding, four years old and over, rider under 13: E Benson. Rider under 15: J Sadler. Four years old and over, rider under 17: L Dowling. Local pony, rider 16 years and under residing within a 15-mile radius of showfield: E Benson. Champion show pony: E Benson. Best pony not exceeding 14.2hh, ridden by a child not exceeding 16 years: E Benson. Overall light horse champion: N Guy


14.2hh and under. Two or three-year-old filly or gelding: F Dilks. Gelding or mare of any age not entered in any previous inhand categories, champion: L McSherry. Over 14.2hh. Two or three-year-old filly or gelding: A Scott. Gelding or mare of any age not entered in any previous inhand categories, champion: C Harrington. Coloured gelding or mare of any age, 14.2hh and under: M Kirkbride. Coloured gelding or mare of any age, over 14.2hh, champion: D Lowerson.


Brood mare with foal at foot, foal, filly or gelding two to three years old, four years-plus, best registered Shetland yearling, matched pairs: G Watson. Entire male, miniature Shetland three years and under: IM Walker. miniature Shetland four years and over, champion: J Scott.

Heavy horses

Mare or gelding three years old-plus: C Bell. Yearling, colt gelding or filly, home bred animal, overall winner: J Thompson. Two-year-old gelding or filly: A Bell. Ridden heavy horse: C North.

Show jumping

Junior. 60cm: S Wicks. 70cm: E Baker. 80cm: B Bell. 90cm: A Postlewithwaite-Todd. Senior. British novice, round 1: E Swindlehurst. Open. 90cm: J Francis. 1m: L Whitfield. Senior discovery, round 1: G Smith/ J Conaghan. Senior newcomers, round 1: R Nichol/J Kendall. Foxhunter: A Mchattie/Haslan.


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